The Blues for Mister Charlie Companion


This is more than a play...

This is a community call to action. I’m Maui Jones, the founder and artistic director of Echo Theater Collective. It is our great pleasure to invite you to the premiere of our inaugural production, Blues for Mister Charlie by James Baldwin. We believe that you have the power to bring help bring change to our endangered communities. We are telling you a story of racial violence and systemic racism. The play is fictional but it is based on truths we have been avoiding since Reconstruction. It is time to face the ugliness. It is time to deal with our shared history so that we may heal the deepest wounds of our great nation. We have the play, we have reading lists, we have facilitated talkbacks and conversations, We are using partnership programming with theater to create trans-formative experiences and promote social change. By exposing our citizens to the untold stories of its most vulnerable, and then guiding them to real world organizations, we can give a better understanding of these systemic issues. You will find in this companion an overview of the time period, the civil rights movement, and how these systems persist today. Thank you and #echolove